Welcome to  my website.  I am busy updating things at the moment and apologise for not doing so more regularly.

Here you’ll find lots of things about me, my life and interests.

I underwent weight-loss surgery just over 2 years ago and am currently (Dec 2012)  just over 14 stones lighter.  My pre-operation stuff is in the “Countdown Section” and latest news is now in the “A New Life” section.

Apart from writing about my life and how I see the big world,  I set crosswords, quizzes and other puzzles and will be uploading some of those.  I’ll also be displaying photos of where I live and the people and places that matter to me.  There are links to the Todmorden Quiz League and Bridge Clubs, as well as a link to the Brierfield Bridge Club. I am so happy to be involved with all three groups.  I also assess football referees for promotion, so I supposed I am legally allowed to shout at them, unlike most fans!

I have recently started an open university Course and returned to Education after a 35 year gap.  Studying German and Social Sciences at the moment, and finding them an interesting challenge.

I also have help  from a number of other health and social care professionals, including my wonderful GP, the local Nursing Teams, the Bariatric and Lymphoedema Care teams at Calderdale Hospital, the Pennine Housing Support Staff and not forgetting Adrian and the CASA Homecare staff.

Feel free to leave me comments, although initially they will have to be approved to deter spammers, but I promise to publish anything that isn’t spam or illegal (or liable to attract superinjunctions!)

Please let me know if any links don’t work.