About Me

I’m a 51 year old guy who lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.  I had to give up work due to illness about five years ago although I hope to try and resume work in the middle of next year.

I suffer with a condition called lymphoedema, along with several other health issues and had  a gastric bypass operation last year to try and help me.   The surgery itself was a success and I have currently lost 10 stone in weight since last November.  Although the surgery won’t help me with the lymphoedema, it has helped my mobility a little and my hospital admissions with cellulitis have reduced (14 in 2010, 1 so far this year!).

I have a fabulous Healthcare team from my GP’s through to District Nurses, as well as the Hospital teams, including the Bariatric Team.  I really value their help, care, and input.

I also have help from the local Housing Support Officers, as I live in sheltered accommodation and have a cracking team of Home Carers as well.  Likewise, they all really help and support me and I am so grateful to them.

I’m single and although I have no direct family of my own, I have a Big Sister and two Brothers who are there for me and they all have children, grand-children and great grand-children that mean a lot to me.

I have a varied collection of hobbies:-

Crosswords: I have had a number of puzzles appear in newspapers and magazines such as The Independent and The Magpie, as well as on-line. I blog regularly for Big Dave’s Crossword Site, which helps solvers with the Daily Telegraph Crosswords. I have also appeared on Mastermind answering questions on The History of Crosswords as my specialist subject.

Quizzes: I am President / Chair of the Todmorden Quiz League, as well as its question setter. I will be carrying information, results and tables on the site once the League gets up and running for the new season. I also set the questions for the Bacup Quiz League and likewise, there will be a page for that League, once it starts.

Bridge: I play bridge both at Clubs and on-line. I play at the Todmorden and Brierfield Clubs, usually with my long-suffering bridge partner Brian on Monday and Wednesday and the lovely June on Fridays.  I am also learning to be a Director at the two clubs and direct a couple of sessions each month.

Football: I celebrate my 31st year involved with Amateur Football this year after starting out as a referee and latterly as an Aseessor for the Lancashire FA. I have resumed my assessing career with gusto and am really enjoying helping active colleagues get to where they want to.

Others: I also enjoy reading and listening to music and have remarkably eclectic taste in both. I get to watch quite a bit of TV and listen to the radio and again have eclectic likes in viewing and listening.