Countdown to the Operation 2

As you will notice, I haven’t been around much recently. I was admitted to hospital just over a week ago, and to be honest I found it a difficult and trying admission. Although the boys and girls charged with caring for me did their best, it just didn’t go well. So much so, that I considered
taking my own discharge at one point though it didn’t happen for a variety of reasons.

Central to this was the introduction of the Liver Reduction Diet last Monday. Not only did I struggle with it, but rather surprisingly so did the hospital. I found it hard-going because the meal planning was so ad-hoc. I was invariably not given a menu to choose from until mealtime and that left me with limited choices.

These are the guidelines for the diet. Remember that it is a maximum of 800 calories and it is not designed for weight-loss but to remove glycogen and water from your liver to enable keyhole surgery.

Liver Reduction Diet Guidelines


Small bowl of cereal or
1 slice of toast with scraping of reduced fat spread


1 slice of bread or 2 crispbreads
Salad or tomatoes (only 95%-100% fat-free dressings allowed)
Small portion of meat / cheese / fish / 2 eggs / Quorn or Tofu


1 small potato or 2 tablespoons of pasta / rice
Small portion of meat / cheese / fish / 2 eggs / Quorn or Tofu

Daily Allowances

1/3 pint of skimmed milk over the day or used on cereal
2 portions of fruit 1 apple / pear /banana / orange
Water / tea / coffee / low calorie squash (eg Robinson’s ‘R’), low calorie fizzy drinks allowed freely (Limit fruit juice to one small glass per day)
One diet yogurt / fromage frais per day

So there you have it. Not a lot really, but essential to help the surgery succeed.

My first few days consisted of a piece of toast for breakfast with a minimum scraping of flora.

I got a jar of Gold Blend, my favourite coffee, so had black coffee without sugar to drink, rather than the insipid hospital coffee.

I was offered jacket potato on the first lunchtime and had that with a small portion of tuna. Tea was another jacket potato, this time with cottage cheese and a little turkey.

Next day I was offered omelette had one with some ham inside . For tea I had a plain omelette.

Wednesday was a plain omelette for lunch, but at teatime it seemed the kitchen was not operational so I had to make do with a stanrd cottage cheese salad. As I have said before, I just can’t eat salad presented in leaf, whole tomato and cucumber form, so I had two spoonfuls of cottage cheese.

By Wednesday evening I was starting to feel as though I wanted to be sick, but no help was forthcoming from the nursing staff. For a number of reasons, Wednesday night was a really low point in my whole illness and I was given a lovely hug by one of the night nurses which really made me feel human again.

I was told I would be going home on Wednesday and so had to do an online shop to get food in. (Memo to whoever organises their websites, Tesco and Sainsbury are so poor compared to Asda, they must lose business!). I stocked up on the salads I liked plus things like cottage cheese, cooked meat and fish.

I got home on Thursday afternoon after the usual pantomime over lunch. I went without it due to confusion. However just after five my phone rang and it was my surgeon’s secretary advising me that my operation has gone back 1-2 weeks.
I don’t remember the reason given, if one was offered because i was rather numbed. I presume they have had to delay an operation somewhere along the line and this has knocked everything back.

However it has presented me with a problem, as I have to restart the diet as soon as the date is known. After thinkling about things, I am going to try and stick to 1200-1500 calories a day and then restarting won’t be as painful.

I do confess to feeling so miserable on Thursday evening that I had an Indian takeaway of chicken biryani without sauce. Not a huge sin (I don’t think!).

The last couple of days have been a bit down and I’ve been stuck indoors. I don’t feel like going out and probably shouldn’t, so I am going to keep it that way for a few days, though I have an essential car service due, so will probably have to venture out for that.

Will be back tomorrow with some more promised recipes.