Countdown to the Operation 3

It’s Wednesday and I started the Liver Reduction Diet again today.  As I’ve explained earlier this is a special diet purely to reduce the size of your liver prior to the operation, so that keyhole surgery is possible.

Today wasn’t too tough, in truth.  I found things worsened on the third and fourth days last week, although some of that may have been due to the problems I had in hospital.

So today’s food intake was:

Breakfast: Bowl of Special K with skimmed milk

Lunch: Two dark wheat crispbreads with low-fat cottage cheese and the Morrisons equivalent to an Activia yogurt

Evening meal: Two small boiled potatoes plus a slice of lean ham and some steamed vegetables.

Later on if I get peckish, I’ll have an apple.

After initially feeling grotty on Tuesday morning, I had a burst of energy yesterday and managed to make it round Morrisons in Todmorden on my crutches, a first in nearly six months.

Today I had to take the car for service and went on to play bridge at Brierfield Bridge Club with my long-suffering bridge partner Brian and we managed to come second!  We didn’t play too many hands but defended very well.

Dropped Brian off and landed home very tired and with very sore legs.  There’s always a payback when I have a really good day, so it’s housebound now till the weekend.

There’s a residents’ meeting here tomorrow with Yorkshire Water where we are going to talk about flood prevention, as we live in a risk zone.

Watch out for another Cookery Corner in the extremely near future with some good ideas…..



6 thoughts on “Countdown to the Operation 3

  1. Found your web-site interesting and will keep up with your progress.
    Perhaps we will see you at Brierfield again soon, you did well last time.
    Please keep up with the diet, it will work and you will feel the benifits really soon.
    Good luck.

  2. Hi Dave not long to op now, you will be excited or scared, but will come out slimmer. will you be going to the bariatric support group on 6-10-10 or is that two close to the op. good luck Wendy

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