Countdown to the Operation 4

Oh dear.  Another phone call on Monday and the operation has been postponed again.  This time until 3rd November.  Apparently the anaesthetist is on holiday.

I have spent the past couple of days feeling rather miserable, mainly because of having to restart the Liver Reduction Diet.  I am finding it really hard going on it, and managed to brighten things up over the weekend by making a simple vegetable broth using Japanese brown rice miso paste as the stock base.

I managed to make a pan full and have a mug whenever I felt pangs of hunger, adding a little bit of sliced chicken on day 2.  I skimmed it several times to ensure there was no fat, and had my blender been working, I probably would have used it to blitz it.

This was the basic recipe:-

Mushroom Miso Soup

If you’ve never heard of miso paste, it’s a paste similar to Marmite and found in wholefood shops, it comes in several flavours.  I bought the brown rice and barley flavours.  I let Sharron, my bath nurse try the barley version and she said it was rather tasty.

So now diet is off, although I am trying to just rein myself in to 1200-1400 calories a day.  Diet starts again on Monday week.

Not good today either, legs have started going haywire again, and I suspect we may be having a recurrence of the cellulitis.  I was hoping to go and see one of my brothers at the weekend and take part in a quiz.  We shall assess things tomorrow and make a decision.

Back with my angry head on in a while in a soapbox posting.