The Soapbox: Out of the mouths…..

Over the past few days I have been watching the Labour Leadership Election and am happy with the outcome.  I rejoined the Party recently after watching the Coalition Government begin to run riot and starting to feel that although we need to make cuts, ideology is ruling rather than sense.  I worry that if I am not going to be well enough to return to work, that my benefits are going to be cut, or at best left without an increase while everything else goes up in price.

I voted in the Leadership election, and felt that Ed Miliband would make a good leader, almost making a clean break with the past.  His brother David, while a good candidate, was probably too close to Blair and Brown and he was 4th on my list of choices.  I felt Andy Burnham ran a good Leadership campaign was my second choice, Diane Abbott third, and Ed Balls behind DM.

As usual, the British press decided to make David Miliband’s defeat the story rather than his brother’s victory.  I suspect because they had prepared themselves for DM’s victory.  Even seconds before the result was announced, uber-smug BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson was calling victory for David.

So what was the response to Ed’s victory?  Generally an OK reception, but straight out of the traps came Tory Party Chairman Baroness Warsi who criticised the decision to elect Ed rather than David.  Baroness Warsi, in case you haven’t heard of her is the rather sour-faced Tory grandee who was unable to get herself a seat to fight at the last election, and in a effort to keep her sweet, she was rewarded with a title and very quickly became a rent-a-quote.  Her Wikipedia entry lists some of her other outbursts.  Yesterday, she managed to excel herself by claiming that the Labour Party had prevented the Tories from winning an overall majority by using electoral fraud.  She was due to appear on BBC Question Time tonight but withdrew at the last minute “due to illness”.  Probably foot-in-mouth disease.

And then this evening out of the traps comes Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordhire.  Earlier this year Ms Dorries was embroiled in the MP’s Expenses scandal through claiming £60K for her second home:-

MPs’ expenses: Nadine Dorries says ‘main home’ is tiny Cotswold cottage

Tonight, Ms Dorries has posted her latest blog entry, which concludes with the exhortation that “disabled people who use Twitter should be reported to the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions).  Previously her blog has claimed that MP’s shouldn’t be allowed to blog (sic!) and that “Did you know that every time I tweet, I risk being stabbed by a member of the public? No, really. I’m so very brave.”, which she of course communicated via Twitter.

Well, as a disabled person who was recently reported (somewhat wide of the mark!) by someone to the DWP for working, perhaps Ms Dorries would like to report me. I use Twitter and spend time on the Internet babbling with friends around the world.

The following reply sums things up eloquently:-

“My email to Nadine Dorries”

It’s a funny old world!