Countdown to the Operation 6

Sorry I have been missing for a few days. I got through the hospital stay and came home on Tuesday and have been coping with restarting the Liver Reduction Diet, leading to the operation on 3rd November. I will try to post at least every other day.

I’ve been having fairly tough problems with my lymphoedema this week and have found my mobility really restricted and as a result I’ve been housebound which has really made me miserable. Even visits to the bathroom have been quite painful and on a couple of nights this week, I’ve had to slep in my recliner as I couldn’t get up to go to bed.

I have been sustained over the past few days by listening to some good music and indulging in some reading, as well as tackling a few crosswords. On the reading list at the moment is Paul O’Grady‘s The Devil Rides Out, the second volume of his autobiography. He has a lovely natural writing style which is almost an extension of his on-screen persona, and knowing the areas he talks about so well, it adds to my enjoyment.
I’ve also discovered some really good crime novelists. SJ (Sharon) Bolton writes dark, almost gothic crime stories and her latest, Blood Harvest, is set in a place called Heptonclough, suspiciously similar to the area near me! A similar writer is Sarah Rayne, who sets her novels around historic monuments and suchlike.
All of the books were bought for next to nothing on either e-Bay or

I shall leave you with a piece of music I heard first on television this week at the closing of the Commonwealth Games. Enjoy!


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  1. Dave, Hugs and thoughts coming your way today. I was thinking of you and Barb reminded me of your surgery date. I hope your stay in the ICU is bearable, even pleasant! Love to you,

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