Onwards and Upwards 3

Hi everyone

Sorry for missing the last few days, but I have been getting used to my new life and lifestyle – at home!  After pre-op fears of a lengthy stay, purely down to not knowing how my lymphoedema would behave, I was initially told on Monday  that I could come home.  I was then told on Tuesday that I was being kicked out.  This entailed a set of phone calls to reinstate care, organise food and arrange other things.  The care was a call to my regular carer to se if he could come and help me and of course, he was more than happy to help me.

So home I came and have had wonderful support from everyone involved in looking after me since then.  However, I haven’t found life to be as euphoric as it was when I first landed.

On Thursday and Friday, I suddenly felt extremely tired and as a result largely shut down for each day, taking to my recliner and bed and just relaxing with music and rest.

The back pain I encountered in hospital has persisted, and I have struggled with liquid pain relief.  I have also over the past couple of days suffered with a recurrence of cellulitis in my legs.  We’re trying liquid antibiotics for a couple of days before we decide whether to go to Calderdale Hospital for intravenous antibiotics.

Food and drink wise, things have been pretty ok.  The puréed meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods are excellent and have helped me cope with eating.

At present I am on 3 “main meals” a day with 3 “snacks”, but each consists of three tablespoonfuls of whatever I’m eating.

I have mentioned the Forceval supplement I have to take each day, so I snip the end off the capsule and pour it into some yoghurt, mix it and that makes up breakfast.

Mid-morning I have the remainder of the breakfast yoghurt, or a little Ready-Brek.

Lunch is then some soup, puréed to remove the lumps.  Wiltshire do a basic range, but each consists of just three to four spoonfuls, which is ideal for me.  However I do also have a couple of Morrisons / Covent Garden Soups which I can use in portions.

Incidentally, I bought these on e-Bay last night, which are ideal for storing foods to reduce wastage.


I’ll try to update at least every other day from now on.