Onwards and Upwards 4

I seem to start my posts with an apology each time!  Anyway, I’m sorry for neglecting my site over the past week or so, but unfortunately I have been back in Calderdale Hospital with cellulitis in my left leg.

Although the treatment went well, the standard of care I received was completely inadequate, which is terribly disppointing as I have generally been well looked after in my previous stays. I realise that due to the Government Cuts (I thought the NHS had been ring-fenced) the local hospital has closed a number of wards, two on the General Medical section, which is a completely farcicial situation going into winter pressure time.  This has meant nursing staff have been redeployed and from my experience of the past week, the already fragile morale has been completely crushed.

As I am raising a formal complaint, I shall keep most of my experiences to myself until the Hospital have had a chance to respond.  Suffice it to say, matters came to a rather sour head, the night before I was discharged when nursing staff refused to make my milky drinks as “Health & Safety have refused to let us use microwave ovens!”

However I am now home and doing OK.  The main piece of good news is that on admission I was weighed and from the last time I was weighed until a week last Thursday  (16.11.10) I had lost just over FIVE STONES ( 70lbs /  31 kgs), this from just before I started the first attempt at the Liver Reduction Diet.  At a guess I would say I lost three stones on the pre-op diets, and two post-op.  While I was in hospital, I lost a further 1.5 kg.

The plateauing of my weight loss over this week is probably due to my liver beginning to aborb glycogen and fluid that was lost during the pre-op diet.  I discussed this with Cara, my bariatric nurse and she advised me this was normal at this stage and I can expect  spells like this where I lose a fair bit of weight and then have a short period where little happens.

I am still coping very well with my food intake.  I’m still following the guidelines from the Bariatric Team at the hospital (I’ll publish these over the next few days) and am having the three main meals and three snacks as I go along.  The main meals are breakfast (usually a yoghurt or Ready  Brek) – three spoonfuls.  Lunch is usually a puréed soup and I have had some really nice ones (see recommendations below).  At teatime I have my “main meal” which is usually a pureed ready meal from Wiltshire Farm Foods.  As with breakfast, both lunch and tea are three tablespoonfuls, and with the evening meal I have to have the meat/main element first to ensure I get the protein I need.

I have enjoyed some really nice soups over the past week or so.  Marco Pierre White has a range called “Glorious!”  and his sausage and three bean soup was both tasty and puréed down well.  Likewise Covent Garden’s  Bacon and Borleotti Bean soup.  Yesterday I discovered Morrisons’ Christmas Dinner Broth which contains all the ingredients of a standard Christmas Dinner and once more, this puréed down well and provided a really nice liquid lunch.

I am also coping well with the daily medication regime too, although the liquid antibiotics I am having to take at the moment are pretty dire and I find unsettle my tummy. Although I have liquid painkillers, I try to manage without them and touchwood have been able to do so since coming out of hospital.

My biggest change at the moment is finding my body telling me that I need to rest. I am finding that on occasion I really feel tired and my body almost shuts down, a very weird sensation.  Indeed, on Sunday night, I went to bed just after Midnight, and apart from a couple of half hour periods, I slept through until 17:00!

So things are going well at the moment, but we have been hit by heavy snow, and unlike our compatriots abroad we haven’t the real infrastructure to cope with it, so transport services are struggling and the side roads have not been gritted.   My planned trip out tonight for quiz league night has gone by the board.  If I feel up to it, I’ll try and see if I can rustle up something to go in the freezer for future meals.

Thank you for visiting and letting me have your comments.  I promise to update more regularly now and am planning a little revamp of the site.  More news soon!


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  1. I love that you’re trying to make puréed food sound appetising! Keep resting, it can only do you good. Take care xx

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