Onwards and Upwards 5

Oh dear!  Best laid plans and all that……

Firstly, a happy new year to everyone and I’d better get the apology out of the way.  I’m really sorry that I have neglected the blog, and I suppose the reason why I neglected the blog is the reason why I should have been posting!

Are you still with me?  Good, I am so glad someone understands.  I have been having a bit of a rough time.  By now, I should be just about hitting a normal diet again, and I am far from it.  Indeed, I haven’t really approached the mashed food stage and am struggling.

Things went a bit haywire over Christmas.  In the approach, I seemed to be coping ok with the puréed stuff, although to be honest I wasn’t really enjoying the food, it all seemed so bland and tasteless.  This left me with a worry for Christmas dinner.  I eventually settled on a Weightwatchers’ Shepherds’ Pie type thing with a mashed potato top.  The meat was minced and although I wouldn’t have eaten the pastry case, it appeared fine.

I went over to big sister’s for Christmas lunch and promptly forgot the pie!  However my ever-resourceful Big Sister came up with an idea.  Mashed potato, carrot and swedes and some smooth chicken paté, which seemed to work well.

However, late Christmas evening things didn’t go too well, and I began to feel rather unwell and by morning I was vomiting everything I ate.  Over the next few days I deteriorated and by the Wednesday my GP admitted me to hospital where I saw in the New Year.

I had some tests including a gastrograph, which was similar to a barium meal.  Earlier in the month when I had similar problems I had had an Ultrasound scan, and it turned out that neither procedure revealed anything.  I was quite dehydrated so I was given lots of liquid to rehydrate me. I was advised to start again with the puréed diet and to see how it went.

I came home on the Sunday after New Year and found I had real bursts of energy.  I spent the week coping with porridge, rice pudding and the odd puréed meal, but I couldn’t get any satisfaction from the food, nor could I cope with anything more normal.  Even soups like minestrone were giving me grief, despite me chewing the veg up as much as physically possible.

It has remained like that since, although over the past couple of days, I have had a bit of a breakthrough and have been having what I would call “small pot pies”.  These are mashed potato toppings with fillings of either creamed mushrooms, or the potato mixed with grated corned beef.  They are topped off with WeightWatchers Grated Cheese.

One of the highlights of the last month was my trip to the Bariatric Support Group where Vanessa the Dietitian gave a presentation on reading food labels and their contents.  This was a really useful meeting and taught  me a lot about understanding good and potentially unhealthy food.  I’ll put a separate post on this as for anyone coping with food post-op, it’s very interesting.  I am toying with the idea of starting a food database where we can list ingredients in terms of fat, sugar and other contents.  It’s a big project, but I am sure it would help people.

I’ve also undergone a radical change.  the long shoulder-length hair has ben replaced by a short crop and the beard replaced by a goatee. A picture will appear soon!

OK I promise to update more often!



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  1. Hope things improve this year, and before long you’ll be able to change your diet up. Hang in there Dave and thanks for the update!

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