Here you’ll find some of the crosswords I have compiled over the years, as well as ones for your delectation and solving pleasure.


4 thoughts on “Crosswords

  1. Congratulations David. It’s already a great site and I look forward to visiting often in the future. Good luck.

  2. Hi Dave – nice site mate!

    I have a question:

    Do you know how I can get hold of the lovely Uncle Yap by phone? If you know his phone number, would it be possible to email me? He didn’t quite make it from Malaysia to see my crossword evening last night.

    Just as importantly, I send my very best wishes to you, as ever.

    All the best,


  3. I was on your xword mailing list a while ago, but seem to have dropped off. You used to send Listener, Enigmatic Variations etc. I’ve missed them: my wife used to enjoy the period of peace after they arrived! Any chance of rejoining the mailing if you still do it?

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