Welcome to my website.  I am actually getting round to updating things at the moment and apologise for not doing so more regularly. Please bear with me while I sort out links, etc.

Here you’ll find lots of things about me, my life and interests.

I am very, very nearly 60 years old and live in Warrington with Andrew, who is the love of my life. We met (eventually) four years ago and we now live together with our three ‘kids’, Caesar and Lexie the dogs and Dexter the cat.

Just after moving to Warrington I tried going back to work after previously suffering some fairly serious illnesses that have left me with a number of disabilities. I initially worked for Ombudsman Services, but last year became an Assisted Travel Co-ordinator for First Trains through Capita. I love the job and speak to interesting people every day and help them organise their rail journeys.

I’m still ploughing on with my Open University Course after returning to Education after a 35-year gap.  After initially starting on the Open Degree Course, I switched to an all-Languages pathway and am studying French and German at the moment.  I am studying my final year of the German part of the course, but have suffered a couple of hiccups on the way. I have really good support from the OU and have a wonderful German tutor.

My spare time is filled with quizzes, crosswords and bridge. I organise the monthly Quiz Grand Prix in the North-West as well as playing in the Warrington Quiz League. I set questions for several quiz leagues and have appeared on several TV quiz shows. I also teach, direct and play bridge at several local clubs. And of course, I’m still involved in crosswords, although I haven’t set so many recently (soon to change).

Feel free to leave me comments, although initially, they will have to be approved to deter spammers, I promise to publish anything that isn’t spam or illegal (or liable to attract superinjunctions!)

Please let me know if any links don’t work.